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The Science

Your Ki Fit Armband contains a whole range of innovative sensors, which take five different ‘views’ of your life. Together, they measure:

1. Motion

Your armband features an accelerometer – a device that calculates motion (a car air bag contains an accelerometer that activates it in the event of an accident). In the armband, it measures how you move in a variety of ways, which enables Ki Fit to understand your activity more fully.

2. Galvanic skin response

When you sweat, your skin becomes more electrically conductive. Measuring this helps the system judge how active you are.

3. Skin temperature

The electronic thermometer inside your armband evaluates how hot you are.

4. Heat flux

When you move, your muscles produce heat. The system can assess the levels of heat that flow from your body into the environment.

5. Steps

The system counts your steps, using the accelerometer to analyse the precise patterns you create by walking or running.

Once the system has taken these readings, it can determine what kind of exercise you're getting and how strenuous it is for you (which is important as everyone's body burns calories in different ways).

The Ki Fit System's clinically proven algorithms then crunch your numbers. Matching sensor data with calorie information, they present the information to you via the Online Activity Manager - so you can see at a glance how far you are towards reaching your goals!

Online Activity Manager Summary Screen

Clinically proven to be accurate

The Ki Fit System has been clinically proven to measure calorie burn and levels of physical activity accurately. It is a medical device and as such, features some of the most cutting edge technology on the market.

A recent independent study tested the armband in real-life situations. Participants engaged in a broad spectrum of pursuits from brisk walking, running, cycling, ball games and strength training through to sedentary, home and work-based activities.

The study compared the armband to a '£25,000 portable oxygen analyser ' recognised as the 'gold standard' for assessing calories. The results showed a mean error of less than 10% in measuring total calories for free living activities, and less than 5% in total minutes of exercise.

Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine, July 2008.

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