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The Difference

Activity Manager, Armband and Display

There are several products that measure specific metrics during particular parts of your day. But the Ki Fit System is not a heart rate monitor, a GPS or pedometer. In fact, it's different from any other performance monitor on the market because it gives you a comprehensive view of your total activity on a daily basis.

  • A pedometer, for example, counts steps. But you still burn calories while you're lifting weights or just sitting at your desk working. Pedometers can't consider these distinct events because their view of calorie burn is steps x weight = calories. In fact, people only spend about 3% of their day walking or running.
  • An accelerometer system measures how much you move, with a calorie-count equation of movement x weight = calories. But what happens when you're eating dinner or watching TV? People spend just 30% of their day moving.
  • A heart rate monitor estimates calories during physical activity like running, rowing and cycling by using a complex formula: heart rate during physical activity x some personal information = calories. However, it doesn't calculate calorie burn accurately when you're not exercising. And because people generally spend only about 25% of their day being physically active, you don't get a complete picture of your daily calorie usage.  

The Ki Fit System, on the other hand, measures calories and activity throughout your day. And that not only includes time at the gym or exercise class, but doing household chores, playing with the kids or watching a film at the cinema.

In short, it measures a more complete range of information. That's why it can give you a far more accurate picture of how many calories you're burning - all day, every day.

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