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What is Ki Fit

Your metabolism is the guide to reaching your goals. Our amazing technology will now measure and monitor it, minute by minute and day by day.

The Ki system consists of:

  • Armband monitor - Automatically capturing your individual metabolic profile by collecting 5000 data points per minute.
  • Online Activity Manager - Translates and displays the information.
  • Optional display for ‘real time’ data.

If you don't understand the relationship between your calorie consumption, its nutritional content and your calorie burn, it's extremely difficult to accurately manage and maintain your weight and therefore your long-term health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Banish fad, myth and fantasy from your decisions and let science help in achieving your aims.

It's a simple fact.
In order to bring about effective, sustainable change to your body, you first need to understand HOW IT WORKS.

Ki Fit is a clinically proven 'multi sensor' armband that monitors your body through a sophisticated variety of physical parameters. As a medical device, Ki Fit really is at the cutting edge of performance monitors - The system records your own unique information and translates it into data that will help you manage your lifestyle, change behaviour and achieve your personal goals. It motivates you, empowers you and delivers, putting you in CONTROL!

Simply wear the Ki Fit Armband during the course of your day, then log onto your personalised Ki Fit Online Activity Manager. You'll get accurate, easy-to-digest information about the calories you've burned, plus a calorie consumption calculator - which will help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

The amazing Ki Fit System also measures sleep duration and efficiency - so that you can begin to understand the incredible influence sleep has on your overall health.

The system

The unique Ki Fit System includes:

  • The Ki Fit multi-sensor armband
  • The Ki Fit Online Activity Manager (subscription-based)
  • The Ki Fit minute-to-minute display (optional)

Ki Fit multi-sensor armband

Your armband is really a small computer that measures a range of physical parameters such as motion, heat flux and skin temperature.

It’s the only multi-sensor monitor that can accurately track:

  • Calorie burn
  • Physical activity
  • Steps taken
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep efficiency
The Ki Fit Armband

Ki Fit online activity manager

Your Online Activity Manager is a personalised web page that enables you to see your information.
This includes:

  • Daily calorie usage
  • Daily calorie intake (based on a nutritional measuring tool)
  • Calorie balance
  • Total physical activity (whether it’s sedentary, moderate or vigorous)
  • Total steps taken
  • Sleep duration and efficiency
Online Activity Manager

The Online Activity Manager not only makes it possible to view your individual data, but also features a selection of tools that help you set goals, record your weight and waist measurements, assess your average daily calorie intake, print out reports and monitor your body’s progress.

Please note that a monthly subscription is required to use the Online Activity Manager. This subscription gives you unlimited access to your data, the nutritional assessment tool and printable reports, while allowing you to identify your body’s trends over periods of up to 90 days at a time.

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