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About Us

Ki Fit is part of the Ki Performance family and born out of the collaboration with its strategic US partner BodyMedia Inc. Ki Fit is based on cutting edge technology from BodyMedia which is taking the US by storm. Ki Performance has been using this advanced technology as part of its Performance Fingerprint™ for the past three years and now for the first time, the remarkable benefits it offers will be available to everyone, rather than a privileged few. Knowing how your body works will empower you to succeed.

Our Beliefs

We don’t believe in fad, myth or fantasy when addressing the issues of fitness, health and wellbeing. Instead, we place our trust in fact-based science that produces objective measurement and delivers the most impressive results. After all, we’re all as individual as our fingerprints, and guidelines offer only subjective opinions that rarely achieve the desired effects. Your personal data is the key to your success, whatever your goals… and the more accurate the data is, the more successful the decisions will be.