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What do our Ki users think?

There’s no doubting the phenomenal power of the Ki Fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System. But don’t just take our word for it.


"Having a Ki Fit has without doubt changed the way I think about exercise and food – and the relationship between the two. The discipline of keeping the food diary coupled with the focus of striving to meet the targets I set myself has kept my weight within a comfortable range for me for the last two years. It stops me ‘forgetting’ to be active on busy days in the office. I am one of those people who gets a kick out of hitting a target, so setting steps, moderate activity and vigorous activity goals really works. Even trying to beat last week’s calorie burn in a boxing class is a fun challenge! It’s made me accept the need to train with weights because of the huge impact that that - rather than cardio - can have on my calorie burn throughout the day.

My personal trainer finds it easy to review the nutritional and activity reports to help me make adjustments with my diet where I need to. Being able to identify how my body reacts to different proportions of types of food has been invaluable and I’ve realised the need to focus not only what I eat but which food groups are providing those nutrients. I’ve lost inches from my waist and hips and a significant percentage of body fat.

Overall, I feel more in control and much more confident that as the years tick by I won’t pile on the pounds – it’s the best monthly subscription I’ve spent in a long time."


"I have had my Ki for nearly two and half years now. I have struggled with my weight since childhood. While I lost 5 stone in my mid-twenties and have been well inside my healthy weight range ever since, I spent years gaining and losing the same 7lb, despite best efforts and despite working out regularly. The Ki Armband has made maintaining my weight a lot easier, as it takes guesswork out of the equation and I know exactly how much I burn.

It’s fascinating to see how many calories different activities use up – I have come to embrace not just my gym workouts but also my household chores.  I love the food logging functionality and as I enjoy cooking and baking I particularly like that I can add my own recipes.

For the last two years my weight has stayed stable within about two pounds due to the information Ki gives me. It’s a fantastic product that I would recommend to anybody."


"Having made the decision to fulfil a life dream and compete in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup including the Le Mans 24 Hours, I realised I needed to get fit and shake off a few kilos. My personal trainer recommended using Ki-Fit to help track calorie intake versus calorie burn and set me on a regime to get me fit and in shape ready for the race season.

I really liked the way that your food intake can be entered and then compared to your daily calorie burn to ensure you are on target for weight loss and it is simple and easy to use. The other information it tracks is also very useful and interesting and helps keep you focused on your goals.

Ki-Fit helped me to lose over 10kg and made a massive difference to my performance in a race car and for life itself. I have just dusted off the Ki-Fit after the Christmas holidays in preparation for the 2012 race season."


"I truly enjoy my Ki Fit.
As soon as I received it, I realized how wrong I was in calculating the calories burned during my daily workout and finally realized why I didn't lose weight.

Since I've started using it, I put much more attention to what/how much I eat compared to what I burn thru the workout. By following these simple rules in one single month, I've lost 3 kg after being in a plateau for almost 1 year.

I recommend it to all the people who're struggling with their diet and don't understand why despite the fact they're following a good diet they don't lose yet the weight they want.

Thanks Ki Fit."


“I bought my Ki Fit after seeing it reviewed in Runners World, and am so glad I did.

I was amazed at the wealth of information it gave me; accurate information on how many calories I burned not only while running, but also during my normal working day, was invaluable. Setting up my usual foods and inputting my recipes took a little while, but once they were in it was so easy to log my foods and know exactly what I was eating each day.

I quickly became a bit obsessed with seeing how many calories I was burning, and the weight just fell off. Thanks to all at Ki Fit!"


“I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Ki Fit and achieved my target weight very quickly. What I like most is how accurate the arm band is and that if I really over eat one day, I can burn extra calories during that week and I will still maintain my weight. I don't need to estimate how much exercise I have to do any more, as I know exactly what I am doing. I have even managed to maintain during the summer holidays, which was always a tricky time for me, as I'm not as active.

I am very passionate about my Ki Fit and how it is allowing me to control my weight.

I feel more confident about my body than I have in a long time and that is after having 4 children.

I do work hard and do a lot of aerobic exercise when I can and strength training too, but I know exactly how much I have to do now I have my Ki Fit.

I wear it all the time and am often asked what it is, which I am always happy to explain. My doctor noticed it at an appointment lately and I enjoyed explaining it to him too."


“Love my Ki-Fit and wear it most of the time. Have broken my daily burn target into little segments e.g. I need to burn 1000 cals by 10am, 2000 by 6pm etc. It certainly makes you aware of your calorie burn.

I would certainly recommend this to people who want to be more aware of calorie burn. I love statistics so this really appeals to me and definitely motivates me."


"I was introduced to the Ki Fit around 6 months ago through a friend and I am officially hooked!

Working in the fitness industry I fully understand the calories in and calories out concept. However, I had never realised how many calories I was actually burning outside of a workout! It was also fascinating to see how my calorie burn following a workout increased. Even a 12minute nonstop, high energy mini workout, would leave my metabolism soaring for the rest of the day.

The food diary element was also interesting. Turns out I take too much food from fat (to be honest I knew that!) but I was also under eating around 700 calories a day. This was playing havoc with my sleep and my weight management.

The data has allowed me to pin point areas to work on and incentivised me to complete shorter, high power workouts every day.

I never thought I would have a real reason to spend less time on a workout.

Thanks Ki Fit"


“The new activity manager is excellent! Love the new personal bests feature. The new drop downs make navigation much more intuitive. The messages feature is well thought out too. All in all an excellent update! Well done."


“I've now had almost 4 months with my armband and I love it. Being a gadget fan it ticks all boxes for me.

I am still motivated now and have managed steadily to reduce my weight from 17st 3lb on the 11th December (indluged too much at Christmas and New Year), went on holiday last week for Easter and now I am weighing in at 15st 7lb.

This steady achievement I clearly credit to the Ki Fit armband keeping me focused on my eating and exercising and my eye on the prize as I aim to get back my fitness and reduce my waist band (2" off my waist measurement so far)."


“Our Ki Fit units are brilliant, I love updating at the end of each day. I also find the sleep efficiency part fascinating, the whole product keeps me focused on all elements of my life which is what I needed. Definitely a convert."


“I bought the Ki Fit as I was fed up with the word diet... I wanted something that would give me the confidence to change my lifestyle, change the way I approached food and exercise and see results but most importantly sustainable results... The Ki Fit has given me all of these things and more.. I have lost over 7lbs in (5 weeks) I am not on a diet and I am exercising 3 times per week on top of my daily chores... I love it... Imagine using a tool that gives you all the information you need to have the figure you want and all to fit around your lifestyle!!

The information that the Ki Fit gives me on a daily basis allows me to make decisions about how and what I will eat/exercise that week to achieve my targets... all set by me. I love nothing more than pressing my display and seeing that I have met my step target or my moderate exercise target or that I have burned the calories I need to in order for me to achieve my weight loss goals.

It is so simple to use, it takes me 3-5 minutes every day to input my food and sync my armband and I get a wealth of information back about the number of steps I have taken, calories I have eaten and how I have slept all of which helps me to understand my body and what it needs to lose then maintain my weight.

I feel great, I have more energy, I enjoy meeting or exceeding my targets... I can't imagine life before the Ki Fit and I would recommend anyone who has struggled with either losing or maintaining weight in the past to purchase a Ki Fit today and start living the life you want to live and not a diet in sight !!"


“I have been wearing my Ki Fit virtually 24 hours a day for about 5 weeks now and I think it is great - I never realised how many calories can be burnt shopping!!!!

For someone who likes to be fit and healthy, I find that as I get older it is hard to control my weight - I find the Ki Fit great for understanding how many calories I burn and it helps me to add extra activity in my day to boost my calorie use. What I found amazing was how many calories you can burn during house work, ironing, shopping and having fun on the Wii Fit. I also discovered that I actually have more sleep each night than I thought which was quite a surprise."


"I work for the Sweatshop group, the biggest UK specialist running retailer, and as such I get to try just about every gadget out there including Garmins, Polar, Nike/Ipod, Suunto etc.

I am stunned at just how useful the Ki armband is. It was bit of impulse purchase for me but I'm very glad I gave into temptation! I pretty much thought I was an expert on my own body and exercise as I'm a long distance runner, (40-70 miles a week) and run, for Sweatshop, several running groups with well over 100 members. I've been running and participating in martial arts and various sports for 25 years or more.

I've quickly discovered a load of info about my sleeping characteristics, my tendency to under eat on heavy training days and most importantly how effective my gym days are at controlling my sluggish metabolism. None of which I would have suspected without the Ki Fit."


"I'm addicted to the Ki Fit system, it's really helping me manage my diet and reach my weekly exercise goals. 9kg lost in 8 weeks and feeling better for the results."


"My wife has been using the Ki Fit now for 2 weeks and she thinks it’s absolutely brilliant. The web interface and available data is just superb. It is a long time since I've seen anything as good as this product.

We are both keen athletes, and have used various Garmin and Polar products for nearly 20 years. Yours is by far the best. I'll be ordering one for myself too!"


"I love the Ki Fit armband. It's really motivating and pushing me to do more - I'm even walking home most evenings from Vauxhall to Dulwich, I would never do that without the armband. And best of all I'm losing weight!"


"Having the little guy on the arm really focuses the mind on what you are doing as far as exercise is concerned. I upload the data daily and I have to say it is in a very user-friendly format. The reports are precise and the summary superb.

It is the best aid I have come across to date because it makes you think!"


“Gradually we are accumulating some really fascinating information about the way I spend each day!….I am using the Armband to trim off a few “extra” pounds gathered over the last twelve months and having weighed myself this morning find that I have lost 1 lb…. My friend asked me the most important outcome to date of purchasing the Ki Fit and I replied emphatically MOTIVATION. Being able to see what I am using (or not using!) really does motivate me – much to my husband’s surprise (and delight when it comes to helping him with heavier tasks in the garden!).”


“I’m on a weight loss trend! I've got to the stage where I'm trying to make sure I've beaten it each day. Its working on my wife who bought one too, she started doing housework yesterday to reach her calorie target!!!”


"Just thought I would let you know I absolutely love the Ki Fit. I have lost 1.5kg in the last week and although I haven’t been paranoid about what I eat the Ki Fit makes you think more about how you can burn off the calories. It really makes you think about what you can do to help yourself and most importantly helps you keep control. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends."