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The Ki Diet Plan

Diet Plan

The Ki diet is based upon on the scientific principles of weight loss and tells the truth with no myth or fantasy. Weight loss can be simple and sustainable once you have the facts. The Ki technology will provide your body data accurately and our advice will show you how to use it most effectively to achieve your weight loss goals. Your data makes the Ki diet plan completely bespoke and unique to you.

The Ki diet plans have been developed and are managed by Ki Scientists who are specialists in nutrition and activity.

You can access our diet plans in different ways for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

The Ki BodySmart Diet - Available now!

A personal 6 week weight loss programme that will motivate and educate you about your body.

Get the body you want now and discover the secret to controlling your weight forever. Celebrate life with new confidence.

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Group Weight loss Online is a new and innovative 21st Century option.

  • The programme offers you the chance to lose weight in your own time and with complete flexibility; a virtual approach to weight loss.
  • You will join a social group who will all enjoy the same experience and you can login wherever you may be, at work, on holiday, it doesn’t matter, there is never a reason to miss it.
  • The weekly event, which lasts an hour, includes a short interactive film and a chat room with the Ki Scientists for a Q&A.
  • Additional resources such as tips, recipes and factsheets are provided each week to support the content covered in the hour.
  • A forum is available online 24/7 for support and the exchange of ideas and opinions within your group and is moderated by our Scientists.

Personal Weight loss online with a Ki diet Scientist

  • This programme offers a completely personal experience which is accessed remotely and delivered by your assigned Ki Coach.
  • The individual plan is tailored to you and designed around your lifestyle and your specific needs.
  • Throughout the programme, your Coach uses the data from your Ki System to help you achieve your goals and targets, which are reviewed weekly to ensure that you optimise success.
  • Your Ki Coach is also available throughout the week, on email and on the phone, to support you, answer your questions and keep you motivated with extra tips and information.

Employee weight loss solutions with Ki Diets

For businesses, we also offer a turn-key weight loss solution for your employees that can be delivered in-house, using either Ki Weight loss Coaches or your own staff. We offer a comprehensive training programme using face to face sessions with our Scientists, extensive online resources and manuals and an end of course assessment.


If you're interested in finding out more about any of our Diet Plans, please email us at contact@kiperformance.com.