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"Eat, drink & still fit in your jeans"

Marie Claire asks Ki for advice on how to avoid New Year weight gain

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"Great Britain's glittering medal tally at last summer's Olympics was the stuff of dreams - and speculation.

As our cycling team pedalled themselves to a staggering 14 medals, the French wondered grudgingly if our success was down to having ‘magic wheels’. The truth was less mysterious. Performance director David Brailsford revealed that the secret to the cyclists’ phenomenal medal haul lay in ‘marginal gains’ – the big successes that can come from taking lots of tiny steps consistently over a set period.

What’s that got to do with us? Quite a lot, actually. The average person puts on half a stone at this time of year. But during the celebrations the last thing any of us want to do is make massive changes to our oversubscribed lives, like hour-long runs or cutting out food groups. We want to party, dance, drink, eat and generally indulge – without the scales creeping up...

...To build your marginal gains strategy, Marie Claire has enlisted the help of Tew and her team to calculate the gram-by-gram, calorie-by-calorie effects of small changes you can make during the festive season to ensure you can eat, drink and be merry without going up a dress size." Read more >

"Ki Fit helps Daisy Lowe get the body she always wanted"

Grazia feature Daisy Lowe's recent fitness and nutrition programme

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"What did Daisy want to change?

'Everything really. I'm not going to name any names. I just wanted to tone up, have more energy and feel better about my body.'

Above all, she wanted to do it in a healthy, balanced way.

For the first six weeks, Daisy wore a gadget on her upper arm, called a Ki Fit, which measured how active she'd been, how effective her sleep was and how many calories she'd burned.

'Daisy's problem was that she wasn't eating enough,' says Nicola, her trainer. 'I persuaded her to have bigger meals, as under-eating sends your body into starvation mode so you actually store fat. By increasing the amount of protein she ate and introducing her to weights in the gym, Daisy built lean muscle, which is how she's toned up.'

Armed with the stats from the Ki Fit, ... meals tailored to Daisy's exact requirements were delivered to her door every day for six weeks.

'I'm healthier, fitter now. i've got tons more energy and I'm mentally more alert. I sleep better. I've not had one sniffle or cough since I started training. I'm an athlete.' She kisses her guns. 'This isn't a diet, this is forever.'"

"A welcome relief to radical
yo-yo dieting"

Tatler tries out the Ki Fit System

"Style Trial: The Ki Fit Armband"

The Sunday Times takes Ki for a spin

"An Empowering Piece of Kit"

The Independent on Sunday gives its verdict

"Lose Weight, The Sensitive Way"

Daily Telegraph trials the Ki Fit System

"The latest obsession in fitness"

Vogue's verdict on Ki Fit

"A wake-up call"

Esquire wear Ki Fit for a month

"The look into my daily routine has really opened my eyes"

The Independent give Ki Fit a go

"a far more holistic overview than any gadget I've ever tried"

The Guardian put Ki Fit through its paces

"an invaluable tool"

The Daily Mail tries out Ki Fit

"It's transformed the way I live
- a true miracle"

Stylist magazine keeps a Ki Fit diary

"well worth giving it a spin"

Ki Fit reviewed by 'How to Spend It' online

"if you're serious about getting fit,
this is the sure-fire way to go"

Glamour.com 21st Century Exercise and Fitness

"You can run - but you can't hide"

The Irish Independent comes back for seconds

"The Ki Fit never lies"

Ki Fit is one of Handbag.com's top 5 new
fitness gadgets

"With the Ki Fit you can't hide
from the truth"

One of Elle's '6 steps to getting fit fast'

"the right route to healthy
weight loss"

The Irish Independent trials Ki Fit

"This is like winning the
slimming jackpot"

Slim at Home magazine reviews Ki Fit

"Be Calculating"

Attitude Magazine recommend a data driven approach

Trying to get back in shape?

Mother and Baby Magazine test out the Ki Fit

Measure your 'shuteye' with Ki Fit

The Sun use Ki Fit to test out sleep improvement strategies

"Data that no other product matches"

Athletics Weekly highly recommend the Ki Fit to
coaches and athletes

"It can quickly become addictive"

Ki Fit featured in 'Gear' section

"Ki Fit has the answers"

'Latest must-have kit' in Triathlete's World

"Letting you know exactly
what your body is doing"

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"Beat the fads and battle
the bulge"

Ki Fit is Metro's pick of the week

"Technology to make dieting fun"

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