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You can find more information about Ki Fit and get help from these online documents and manuals:


Armband Troubleshooting

My Ki Fit Armband will not automatically turn on.

  • Make sure the metal sensors on the armband are in contact with your arm.
  • If the armband has not turned on within 10 minutes, lightly moisten the back of your arm.
  • Press the status button.
    • If the armband beeps, it is working correctly.
    • If the battery light is flashing red, recharge the battery.
    • If the memory light is flashing red then the memory is full, upload the armband data to the Online Activity Manager.

My Ki Fit Armband is beeping while it is on my arm.

  • Make sure the metal sensors on the armband are in contact with your arm. (Tightening the strap to a comfortable fit will typically fix this).
  • Press the status button.
    • If the battery light is flashing red, recharge the battery. If flashing amber, recharge your battery within the next 24 hours.
    • If the memory light is flashing red, the memory is full and the armband data needs to be uploaded. If flashing amber, the armband has less than 24 hours of memory remaining and should be uploaded.
    • Reminders may have been set in the armband. To check reminders, log in to the Online Activity Manager, select the ‘Resources’ tab and click on ‘Reminders.’

When I try to upload data from the Ki Fit Armband, I get an error message.

  • Make sure the cable is connected to the armband and to the USB port on the PC.
  • Check that the battery or available memory is not too low by pressing the status button. The lights should be green.
  • Verify the USB driver is installed on your computer. Unplug the armband, wait 10 seconds, then plug the armband back in. This will initiate the installation of the USB drivers if required.

    Display Troubleshooting

    My Ki Fit Display says “NOT IN SYNC”.

    The armband must be "on body" (touching your skin and turned on). You can find out if the armband is on-body by pressing the status button. If the armband makes a sound, then it is on-body and recording.

    If you take the armband off, the armband and display stop their communication because there is no new information to display.

    If the display and the armband are separated by more than 3 feet (1m) then they may stop communicating.

    • Try pressing the armband button first, then the "mode" button on the display to initiate the communication between the armband and display. Now wait a few seconds to allow the armband and display to synchronize. If the display message goes back to ‘Not In Sync,’ then repeat this process.
    • Recharging the armband battery often improves armband-display communication.
    • Repeatedly pressing the armband button will not help. Just press it once and let go.
    • Avoid a long-press of the armband button, of 15 seconds or more. This will reboot the armband and stop communication between the armband and the display.

    My Ki Fit Display says “ARMBAND NOT SET UP”.

    • Log in to the Online Activity Manager, complete the initial setup and register the armband.
    • Log in to the Online Activity Manager and upload the armband data.

    How Do I Replace the Ki Fit Display Battery?

    If the digits on the display are faded, and you can not establish a connection to the armband, then the battery may require replacing.

    The display comes equipped with a replaceable CR-2032 coin cell battery. When the battery needs to be replaced, we recommend that you take the display to a jeweller or watch repairer. To replace the battery yourself:

    1. Make sure you have a fresh CR-2032 coin cell battery, a size ‘0’ Phillips head screwdriver, and a soft cloth.
    2. Remove the display unit from the display strap or clip. Turn the unit over onto a soft cloth, revealing the underside, and remove the four small screws attaching the metal back plate to the display.
    3. Only remove the screws on the metal back plate, do not remove the screws on the edge of the display.
    4. Remove the old battery.
    5. Press any button on the display for 10 seconds.
    6. Replace the battery with the new one, with the (+) side facing up.
    7. Ensure that the o-ring gasket is properly seated in the groove to provide a watertight seal.
    8. Reattach the back plate, with the text facing up. Ensure that the arrow that says up (on the inside of the metal back) points towards the top of the device.
    9. Once attached, turn the unit over and press any button to wake the display.
    10. Dispose of the old battery properly.

    The expected life of this battery under normal use is 6-12 months. Coin cell batteries can be readily purchased from a variety of online vendors, electronic stores and supermarkets.

    How Do I Reset the Ki Fit Display?

    • To have the display synchronise with the last known armband:
      Press the "mode" button.
      The display will show a message asking for you to press the armband button.
    • To enable the display to synchronise with a new armband:
      Press and hold "view" then also press "mode" for 3 seconds or more.
      The display will beep.
    • To reset the display:
      Simultaneously press all 4 buttons, "mode" + "view" + "light" + "reset" for 5 seconds or more.
      The display firmware version will be shown and the back-light will flash.

    Online Activity Manager Troubleshooting

    I attempted to upload data using the Safari browser on Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and it keeps telling me to install BodyMedia Activity Manager software.

    Download the SYNC software for Mac here

    I click on a link such as ‘HELP’ and nothing happens.

    Your browser pop-up blocker may stop some parts of the Online Activity Manager from appearing in new windows.

    • Some browsers will allow you to temporarily bypass pop-up blockers by holding down the control key when you click buttons and links.
    • Configure any pop-up blocking software or tool bars to allow pop-ups for the Ki Fit website.

    I forgot my login details.

    • Your 'email' is the email address that you registered with on this site. If you’ve forgotten which email address you used, please contact Customer Services.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, enter the email address you registered with in the “password reminder” box, then click on the circular button and you will be emailed your password.

    My Activity Manager has timed out and won't re-launch.

    When not active, the Activity Manager window closes automatically after approximately 14 minutes. When you try to re-launch in Internet Explorer, you might sometimes see an error stating that 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' with a 'Diagnose Connection Problems' button.

    To launch the Activity Manager again:

    • Close the window titled 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'.
    • Refresh the main browser window by clicking the refresh icon, or by hitting F5.
    • You should then be able to launch the Activity Manager as normal.
    • If you are still experiencing problems, try logging out and logging in again.

    Software Installation Troubleshooting

    I'm having problems with my computer recognising or downloading the Java or Sun JRE software.

    If you're attempting to upload data manually through the Activity Manager and you're having a Java issue, please download the SYNC software from our downloads page.

    SYNC Software Troubleshooting

    On a PC with Windows:

    I've installed the SYNC application to my Windows computer. When I connect the USB cable to the armband, nothing happens.

    The SYNC application normally detects when the armband has been connected and displays a small popup message to notify you that data synchronisation is taking place. If this is not happening then it means there is a USB connectivity problem.

    If the USB connection is working properly then:

    1. The armband will play a de-de-deee sound.
    2. Windows will play a ba-donk sound.
    3. SYNC will show a notification message.

    Approximately 90% of all USB problems are due to bad cables, hubs or ports so try the following:

    • Plug your USB cable into a different USB port on your computer.
    • If you have a USB hub, try plugging the cable directly into a USB port on your computer and not the hub (hubs have been known to be problematic).
    • Use a different USB cable.

    If these steps do not help, then it could be a driver problem. Fire up the Windows Device Manager (typically though Control Panel – System) and under "Ports (COM & LPT)" you should see something like this:

    If the armband entry appears with a yellow warning icon next to it then the driver was not installed properly. Right-click on the armband entry and select "Update Driver Software" (the wording might vary slightly depending on your version of Windows).

    For PC and Mac users:

    I plug in the armband and SYNC shows the notification message but after a few seconds it displays a "Armband Communications Error" message.

    The "Armband Communications Error" (as opposed to a "Web Services Error", see below) means that SYNC could not communicate with the armband. A common reason is that the armband battery it too low; you can tell because the "battery" light on the armband will be blinking red. If this is happening, just let the armband charge for at least 30 minutes, then disconnect and reconnect it. The armband should have enough battery power for data synchronisation purposes, but you'll want to charge it for longer before wearing it. When the "battery" light is blinking green then the armband is ready to go.

    I plug in the armband and SYNC shows the notification message but after a few seconds it displays a "Web Services Error" message.

    The "Web Services Error" means that SYNC cannot communicate with the BodyMedia web servers. Frequently this is due to a network configuration problem – firewalls and proxy servers are frequent culprits. To get more information, click on the SYNC icon in your Windows traybar or Mac UI bar, select Preferences – Advanced – View Log File. Diagnosing network problems is outside the scope of this troubleshooting document but the information presented may provide a clue to the cause of the problem.

    I've followed the troubleshooting steps but I'm still having problems. What should I do?

    If you are still having problems, please contact Ki Customer Services via our Customer Care page. The team will need detailed information about what is happening. If you are experiencing USB, armband communication, or web services errors then the first thing they will ask you for is a "diagnostics file". This is a file with information about SYNC, your Armband, your network connection and what errors have been encountered. It will speed up the process if you have this file ready before-hand. To generate one, first connect your Armband to the USB cable then click on the SYNC icon in your Windows traybar or Mac UI bar and select Preferences – Advanced – Generate Diagnostics File. Don’t worry; the diagnostics file does not have any personal information about you.

    Mobile App Troubleshooting

    I received a message saying "Internet Not Available" but I have a good network connection, what is wrong?

    You may experience this message when the mobile device does have an internet connection, but it cannot access the BodyMedia servers at the moment. Please try again later or contact Customer Service if the problem continues.

    Why was I unexpectedly logged out of the App?

    This can happen when your credentials cannot be verified by communications to our server. This will also happen if you unlink your mobile device from the preferences page within the Activity Manager and try to continue using the App.

    I typed valid credentials when logging in, but the App says invalid Username and Password?

    Please make sure your Internet connection is available with good signal strength and then try again.

    Contacting Ki Fit

    You can contact us through the help and support section of our website

    Last updated: 18th July, 2012