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mobile app

iPhone and Android Mobile Apps

You can now take 24/7 body-monitoring wherever you want to go with mobile apps. Using BodyMedia's free mobile apps, you can now log food on the go and view snapshots of your most recent Activity Manager dashboard.

Mobile Dashboard
On the dashboard, see a snapshot of your personal Activity Manager based on the last sync of your Armband to your online Activity Manager. The dashboard shows your data for calories burned and consumed, physical activity, steps taken and sleep.

Mobile Food Logging
Log your meals on the go with the BodyMedia mobile app. Make smart decisions as you can now keep track of your calorie intake throughout the day.

For more information:

  • iOS users click here
  • Android users click here
iOS users: download the app in App Store on your smartphone.   Android users: download the app in Android Market on your smartphone.

iPhone app

BodyMedia FIT mobile: iOS 2.0

The BodyMedia FIT iOS App 2.0 represents a major leap forward for the mobile user. Whether you’d like to quickly know where you stand in relation to your goals or are more interested in diving into the details of your Activity Manager data, the App has something for you.


The App dashboard has been designed to incorporate progress bars, layout and icons similar to those you are familiar with in the online Activity Manager to visualise your progress.

Measure Progress
The bars on the dashboard animate throughout the day as they report your progress. Once you reach one of your goals, a checkmark appears in that bar giving you quick recognition of success.

Offline Viewing
Once you’ve viewed your dashboard data for a day, the App will remember this information and display it the next time that same day is loaded – regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection.


Detailed Charts

You can view charts in the iOS App of your daily calorie burn, activity, steps and sleep as well as a breakdown of your nutritional information. Just turn your device onto its side. These charts represent Armband data that has been synced to the Activity Manager using Windows or Mac SYNC and the meals that have been logged via the website or iOS App.

Calorie Burn Chart
Calories burned and activity levels are combined into one chart in your App, with the color of each bar indicating the level of activity! In the iOS App, you can see your calories and activity level with the same granularity as you see calorie burn in the Activity Manager.

Turn the device onto its side to view the detailed charts (see image above). Swipe up and down to move between charts and swipe left or right to easily navigate between days.


Range Selection
Want to know just how many calories you burned and minutes of vigorous activity you got while playing tag with the kids? Press and drag to sub-select a specific range within the chart.


Sedentary Time
Time spent being sedentary is simply the total time in the day minus the time spent being active. Seeing this number reported to you as part of the calorie burn chart can be a real eye opener.


Off-Body Time
Can’t remember if you were wearing your Armband during your walk last night? The chart will color code the periods when you were not wearing your Armband.

Steps Chart
Press on a bar to find how many steps you took in that hour. Or press and drag to see how many steps you took over a range of time.

Nutrition Chart
View your nutritional information for the day in its entirety or for each meal within the day. You can now view the breakdown of calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and alcohol as well as the range of micronutrients available within the Activity Manager.

Sleep Chart
View the duration, efficiency and the interruptions encountered during your sleep. Don’t want to count that afternoon nap? Press and hold to select the range of sleep that you’d like to report over.

Daily Nutrition Estimates
You can use the Daily Estimate feature currently available in the Activity Manager to quickly enter the number of calories you’ve consumed over the course of the day. Estimate hints tell you about your light, heavy, and average calorie consumption to help guide your daily estimate.

Clear History
This App setting allows you to clear your saved dashboard pages for offline viewing. The only time you would ever need to use this would be if your mobile device is running out of memory.

Opt-Out of Data Collection
In an effort to better direct future development, BodyMedia collects anonymous usage information about how customers utilise the mobile App. You may choose to opt-out of this collection.


The BodyMedia FIT iOS 2.0 Mobile App works best with the latest iOS version.
See list of supported mobile devices here.

Android app

BodyMedia FIT Mobile: Android 1.1



Add one or all five of the new widgets to the home screen of your Android phone to see your Ki Armband data from a whole new perspective.

Quickly review your progress for the current day in a convenient, easy to read format. See your Activity Manager data in this portable view of calories burned, calories consumed, steps taken and physical activity.

We all have days when we feel as slow as a turtle and days when we feel as fast as a rabbit. The Activity widget depicts your current activity level as a member of the animal kingdom. As you slowly start your day, you’ll be greeted by a lethargic sloth. Start moving and the motionless sloth transforms into a tortoise. Continue to increase your activity and see the animals morph into a panda, a monkey and then a rabbit. Keep moving until you make it to the calorie burning king of animals – the hummingbird!


Sticking to your calorie consumption target can be a challenge, but being able to visualise how much you have eaten makes staying on track easier to digest. The Nutrition widget represents your total consumption for the current day as an apple then you can quickly see where your calorie balance stands in relation to your intake goal. The state of the apple, whether it’s whole or down to the core, represents how much more you can eat today.


Are you wide awake or do your eyelids feel a little heavy? One look at the sleep widget and you can see how long and how efficiently you slept last night. When you meet your sleep target, you will see the entire flock of sheep. As your sleep time goes down, so do the number of sheep. What does your flock look like?


Daily Nutrition Estimates

We all have a preference for how we log our calories consumed. The BodyMedia Android application allows you to choose – daily nutrition estimates or full meal logging.

The daily nutrition estimate option allows you to enter an estimated consumption value for the day or pick from values based on your previous days. The choice is yours.



See list of supported mobile devices here.